Our graphics in the Advanced Materials!

We do love drawing and we cannot be happier now. Few months ago scientisis from Sweden asked us to prepare the graphics for their article, and we are delighted to show it to you.



Workshop for kids and USG diagnostics in ambuland of Ronald McDonald Foundation

This time we visited Koszalin, near the Baltic Sea, where the Family Picnic of Foundation of Ronald McDonald took place. We arrived there with other volunteers to whos that it is worth to be a scientist, tell the story about Maria Skłodowska-Curie and show to others what we do with other volunteers in the family rooms in hospital in Warsaw. In a meantime parenta could bring their kids to free USG diagnostics as an action "STOP to cancer".

We met there amazing people and we claim once again - it is worth to be a volunteer!

Our student awarded!

Manufacture of Scientists is not only the organization of chemistry workshop. We also do research in the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw and show science to high school students. Since April we hosted 5 amazing students from 3 different high-schools in Warsaw. Together, we synthesized magnetic nanoparticles and studied their properties after synthesis. The results of their work were presented by one of these students - Antoni Lis. Young researcher gave amazing talk and clearly presented his resaerch also as a poster during 1st Conference of the Young Chemists in Warsaw. We are honoured to inform that he was awarded for both presentations, moreover he received the 1st award. CONGRATULATIONS Antoni!!!

Corrode! (Koroduj)

In September the project School Closer to Science in Copernicus Science Centre started. For this occasion the short movie presenting four scientists being in this project was produced.

We are happy to inform that dr. Magdalena Osial is one of them, and she will look after 10 schools in Mazovia working on the project focused on the corrosion durin 2018/2019 academic year.

the project "Corrode" is an introduction to the materials chemistry for kids. For the whole year they will perform experiments and observe the corrosion. After that together with students an article showing the results of their research will be prepared.


Up up to the sky!

during our workshops we tell the story of Maria Skłodowska-Curie. It is a story not only about her discoveries, but also about her life and passions. Although her life was not easy and she had to work much harder than other scientists to show that woman also can work in science, she always found some time to enjoy life. Her passion was hiking and she loved to hike with her family.

After getting married with Piere Curie she brang him to Poland to walk though the clouds in Tatra mountains. Can you believe that she reached the highest peak in the long dress and a hat? Few years later she took there her two young daughters. They used to sleep in the hut and stay in mountains for few days crossing many peaks. Many years later, after getting second Nobel Prize award she helped her sister to build the sanatory for people having lung diseased. This building stands here since almost 100 years.

At one workshop we promised kids that we will follow Maria in the Tatra mountains and we are happy to present you some pictures. Hiking with the soul of Maria was amazing adventure and next year we will come here again!


Once again we visited redactor Krzysztof Michalski in the Polish Radio. During Eureka Extra we asked chemistry riddles! It was great adventure :)

Summer project for high-school students in our laboratory

It is August, but since the April in Laboratory of electrochemistry we host 5 students from high-schools in Warsaw as a project for University of Young Chemists. Students do research in two courses - the semester and summer. One of students decided to elongate his stay and he works with us since April.

The project shows to students the fundamentals of research. We want to present that being a scinetist is adventure and amazing challenge. If you like challenges there is nothing better than being scientist. Our work became to be hobby, so if you work on things which you like to do, it motivates you twice.

International summer project - students from New York City

It is 4th edition of summer project for students from Adelphi University. We are very happy to host 5 students in our laboratory. This year we do research with one of them - Momoka, and we are delighted that she chose the same project like last year. The project is focused on the synthesis of semiconducting materials CdS and its application for photocatalysis.

Project Corrode (Koroduj) in Copernicus Science Centre - academic year 2018/2019

Since April we coordinate the project Corrode dedicated to students from Middle Schools in Mazovia. Trhough the whole academic year students will perform many experiments divided into three parts: studying of the corrosion of metals in various solutions, influence of corrosion on plants and corrosion of metals in concrete. During project they will perform experiments, do observations and at the end of the project we will organize seminar to conclude and write an article based on the experimental results. The project Corrode was created as a part of the Science Closer (at Copernicus Science Centre) to Science project, which invited four scientists to share their knowledge with students from Middle Schools.

Lito the project here.

Chemistry riddles!

Once again we visited redactor Krzysztof Michalski in the Polish Radio, where together we asked chemistry riddles at the Eureka Extra program. This time riddles were about the chemical substances which are biologically active.


Thanks to our amazing participants of the workshops we received invitation to Sunflowers 2018 - the competition for organizers of the most educational workshops for kids. We cannot wait for the final gala. If you want to vote, click here.

Food chemistry in Milanówek

This weekend we organzied chemistry workshop focused on the food chemistry. Kids learned about the various substances having influence of our organism. They were doing experiments and learn about sugar, fat and proteins. We answered many question about acids in our body, enzymes, nd even bacterias.

McMasters - charity Picnic for Fundation of Ronalda McDonald!

We are proud to be a part of this amazing event. Foundation of Ronald McDonald organized the charity Picnic and our workshop is to all kids and parents participating in this workshop. All donations will be spend on the building of the new Ronald McDonald house for families. Amazing people! It was great day!

Science meeting with kids

In few days summer holidays start. For this occasion we met young students from the School no. 289 in Warsaw. Kids performed many experiments and learnd about states of matter.

Days of Konstancin Jeziorna and Belle Epoque Picnic

This is our first time in Konstancin Jeziorna, where the Belle Epoque picnic takes place. For this occasion we arrived in the costume as Maria Skłodowska-Curie to teach kids about her discoveries and fundamentals of chemistry through funny and simple nahs-on experiments. Special thanks to Incubator of Innovation for invitation and support!

Science and Education Picnic

Thanks to the invitation of Association "Centruś" we have visited young patients during Science and Education Festival. That afternoon was amazing!

Volunteers in action!

Did you know that Foundation of Ronald McDonald support families during the kids stay in hospital? They arranged in many hospitals special space where family can be together. In a meantime they organize many workshops for kids to make them happy and we are delighted to be a part of that actions! In February 2018 we became a volunteers of the Foundation of Ronald McDonald and we love that! So, here we are again with our workshop with Maria Skłodowska-Curie for young patients in Warsaw.

Radio adventure!

Today we visited Radio Dla Ciebie / Radio For You in Warsaw, where we were talking about our love to popularize the science and our actions :)

Chemistry for students from Middle School

Visit at school is the best occasion to teach chemistry and broaden the educational program. Today we talked about the corrosion of metals, created carbon dioxide, talked about the properties of materials created a lot of foam. Students from School no. 289 were amazing!

Special thanks to our volunteers Justyna Dłubak and Antkowi Lis for their support!

Interactive lecture for Scientific Caffeteria 1a

In the Wawer Cultural Centre works the scintific caffeteria, where scientists popularize science. We are pleased to be here, so we decided to organize the workshop opened for everyone. At the beginning we said story about the history of science popularization and then we jumped into the experimental part.

It's may! This time we visited youn students from School no. 289 in Warsaw, where together with kids (grade 2 and 7) we performed man yinteresting experiments.

Special thanks to our volunteer Justyna Dłubak!

Young patients in action!

When we see the smile on the kids faces during experiments we feel special. We cannot be happier seeing their happy faces. For 1.5 h they forget about sickness and enjoy workshops. We would like to thank amazing team of Association "Centruś" for their invitation and support, and Barbara Wysocka for her help during workshops.

Chemistry riddles :)

Once again we asked chemistry riddles in the Polish Radio at the Eureka Extra Program. Redactor Krzysztof Michalski was amazing!

Workshops for seniors and juniors in Sadyba Educational Centre

This is our second time in this place and we cannot believe that participants recognized us! We have been here more than a year ago, so this is amazing, isn't it? Participant worked in pairs: junior-senior and performed experiments for more than two hours. They were like vulcanos of energy! Special thanks to our volunteer dr Katarzyna Kulczycka-Mierzejewska.

Second day in Żory

It's so good that the final of Science and Technology Festival takes few days. For that reason we have occasion to meet more students from schools in Żory. We are very happy that they asked many questions about science, work in science and our research. It was great pleasure to be here!

Science and Technology Festival in Żory

It is our second year at this tremendous event in Żory! Such science event takes several days, while we participate in the final part for whole weekend organizing workshops with Maria Skłodowska-Curie for kids from elementary and middle schools in Żory.

Young patients - stage II

Let us present another participants of our workshop :)

Yound patients in action!

Did you know that in the Centre of Kids Health in Międzylesie works the Association "Centruś"? People working there are phenomenal! They supported us during whole time and they organize many of similar activities during whole year to make young patients happy. We are delighted to be here. Special thanks to all Association "Centruś" and to Barbara Wysocka.

Chemistry riddles in the radio

New month, new riddle. Today we asked chemistry riddles in the Polish Radio at the Eureka Extra Program. Special thanks to redactor Krzysztof Michalski for inviting us!

The color of Chemistry workhop in Milanówek - the town of the fudges in Poland

This weekend we spent in Milanówek Cultural Centre with young scientists, who learned science. During workshops they created the foam without mixing, created home-made fire extinguisher and the rainbow. It was very fruitful Saturday!

Experiments with Maria Skłodowska-Curie for the Day of Earth

Every spring we celebrate the Day of the Earth. For this occasion in whole Poland kids learn about the nature, recycling and attend many interesting events focused on the ecology. For this occasion we visited the School no. 30 in Warsaw, where 200 kids waited for us. We organized chemistry workshops and told the story about Maria Skłodowska-Curie and her love to nature. Kids were amazing. They were doing experiments for long hours and they wanted to learn more and more! we could not believe that they did that by themselves! It was amazing adventure. We could like to all wonderful teachers, who supperted kids in the locomotive project. Great job. We love it!!!

It's May - high time for hiking!

This month we found another book about Maria Skłodowska-Curie and her passions. Did you know that she loved hiking? Her story inspired us so much, that we decided to pack our backpack and go to the Tatra mounting following Maria tracks. First of all we visited Kościeliska Valley and reached the Ornak, but this is just the beginning of the adventure. The weekend was short, so for sure we will come back here soon.

Young patients and Maria Skłodowska-Curie

Once again we have visited young patients in the hospital of Medical University in Warsaw. Workshops took place in the family rooms of the Ronald McDonald Foundation and together with kids we were doing experiments for few hours. We are very happy that like the story of Maria Skłodowska-Curie. Special tanks to our volunteers Sylwia Berbeć and Robertowi Dec.

High School students in our laboratory

We participate in the project University of Young Scientists at the University of Warsaw hosting 5 amazing students in our laboratory. They learn how to do research, gain new knowledge in materials science and physical chemistry and perform many experiments. Dr. Magdalena Osial coordinates the project focused on the synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials, and studies of their influence on biological membranes.

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