Manufacture of Scientist

Manufacture of Scientists is focused on the popularization of science through chemical workshops. We want to show that science is everywhere and that you can learn through fun using household materials to create interesting and spectacular chemical reactions. There is nothing better than being scientist, so do not hesitate and join our workshops.

It is never too late to learn more about processes proceeding in nature, so at our workshops we experiment together as well as come to know physico-chemical principles. A good scientist always learns, improves himself and collaborates. That is why we work in pairs, to learn the secrets of academia. Tandems senior-junior are very welcomed!

Mastering the rules prevalent in nature is fascinating. Chemistry surrounds us everywhere, so a little bit of curiosity is sufficient to start an adventure in the land of chemistry, physics, biology and even electronics! Understanding of science principles can be easy and funny and does not require a fully equipped laboratory. You can perform experiments in the glass jars and using baking soda. During workshops we will make experiments, observations and discuss about conclusions through baking soda volcano eruption, pH measurement, self-pumping balloon and crazy foam formation.

Manufacture of Scientists is the University for Everyones, who wants to know how nature and science works. Children can find out the answers to many questions with fun experiments using household materials. Thanks to the Foundation for Polish Science the first 500 participants received a book containing many recipes for safe and colorful experiments with place to write notes and answer questions.

Our classes are dedicated to kids and tandems like junior-senior, kid-parent etc.

The Manufacture of Scientists was supported by Foundation for Polish Science within the SKILLS project - eNgage competition for 2015-2016 (DPL/428-4422/15).

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About the author

Magdalena Osial achieved her PhD title at 2014 at the University of Warsaw in Poland. Her PhD project was focused on the innfluence of deposition conditions on the properties of CdTe thin films. During her PhD studies she participated in an internship at Adelphi University and Brookhaven National Laboratory in US.


After completing her PhD, she started to work on her own project in Laboratory of Electrochemistry and she participated in the TOP 500 Innovators Program (supported by the Polish Ministry of Science and Education) at the University of Cambridge and University of Oxford in UK. After achieving the grant in IMPULS competition funded with the Foundation for Polish Science she investigated the synthesis and characterization of well-organized thin films for solar cells application.

Since master studies she was actively participating in students' associations. She reactivated the Students' Chemical Association "Fullerene" and was member of PhD Students' Chemical Association "Graphene" and Doctoral Faculty Council. She is science popularizer and founded Manufacture of Scientist - the program for kids and kids with seniors or parents. In a meantime she prepared and published book which is introduction to sciences for kids through easy experiments. Her hobby is very wide, however she loves to rest actively and DIY.

At the moment she returned from post-doc at Université libre de Bruxelles and as researcher at University of Warsaw she works on the application of nanomaterials for cancer treatment and still develops the Manufacture of Scientists.


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